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Two Rivers Meet Kids Fun Run, 5K, 10K and 15K

  • May
  • 26
Two Rivers Meet Kids Fun Run, 5K, 10K and 15K
  • Saturday, 8:00am EDT-11:00am EDT   Ical event icon
  • The kids Fun Run is about 300 yards, perfect for small kids. They get to run across the finish line, and that is always a thrill. Ribbons and toys for all. We made changes on the other courses, due to bridge being out on Island Park. All Races start on Main Street and end on Waterfall drive, a short walk away. Indoor facilities are being provided to all runners thanks to the folks at IUSB, who are opening just for us! 5K course this year winds through High Dive park, out to Johnson Street, and then back on the Riverwalk, up Nibco parkway and finish on Waterfall. New this year, the 10K and 15K will be much straighter. down a gorgeous residential neighborhood, Greenleaf Blvd, and then back. The 10K turns back at Marshall Drive and the 15K go all the way to the end at CR 15. (the elephant) Runners will be able to open up and gain some serious speed! New this year: Menu pricing so this will be really affordable! Got a million shirts? Don't care about timing? No problem. Just come on out and celebrate Memorial Day with us! All Veterans, Active Military, Police, Fire and EMTs get free race entries (t-shirts optional/additional) *** Two Rivers Meet is a MRA Race Circuit Race ! The 15K is a 2RRC Race Circuit Race!!! *******
  • Location: Downtown Elkhart, Indiana

Looking for a way to raise money for YOUR organization?

We are admittedly late on getting this out, but here it goes for this year and will be from now on for future Two Rivers Meet running events!!!

* Use Two Rivers Meet event as a fundraiser for your organization. No muss no fuss. Step 1. Just sign up as a participant.

* Get your friends, family, associates, customers, etc to sponsor you

* We will collect the money for you and SPLIT it- 50% goes to Lifeline and 50% goes to your organization.  Note: It would cost your group at least that to put on a race!

* We do all the logistics for the event...again, you just show up and have fun :)

* Did I mention you don't even have to collect the money?? 

Schedule for Registration/Race

Friday, May 25

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Packet pick-up at Lifeline, 174 State Street, Elkhart

[This is the street perpendicular to Main Street, down by the Post Office. State Street is a cobblestone street, one way, and Lifeline is one block down from Main Street on the left hand side.]



 Saturday, May 26

6:30 am Registration Opens

7:45 am Registration Closes

8:00 am Kids Fun Run in the park

8:10 am 15K and 10K Start together on Main Street at High(Civic Plaza) 

8:15 am 5K Race  Starts

5K Course (3.1 miles) Revised due to Island Park Bridge being out

10K Course (6.2 miles) goes straight down Greenleaf and U-turns at Marshall

Some quality "friend time" and exercise to boot!

15K course (9.3) miles has minimal turns, goes to end of Greenleaf and back

Who has signed up??

LastName FirstName Category BibNumber Would you like to add a timing chip for _3?
Albright Scott 15K 301 Chip
Avila Kendra 5K Run 483 Chip
Ballard Michele 5K Run 303 Chip
Banik Patricia 5K Run 304 Chip
Beadenkopf Sarah 10K Run 1101 No Chip
Bedford Ryan 15K 305 Chip
Behm Pamela 5K Walk 306 Chip
Berkey Andrew 10K Run 307 Chip
Berkey Mallory 10K Run 308 Chip
Berkey Dave 15K 309 Chip
Berkey Kate 5K Run 310 Chip
Bixby Jen 10K Run 311 Chip
Bontrager Shari 5K Walk 312 Chip
Bowers Kathleen 5K Run 313 Chip
Bowman Whitney 5K Run 314 Chip
Breden Hannah 5K Walk 1102 No Chip
Buchan Susan 5K Walk 1103 No Chip
Budd Dana 15K 315 Chip
Burden Jeffrey 10K Run 1104 No Chip
Burden Krista 15K 316 Chip
Burden Bob 10K Run 317 Chip
Burden Marcia 5K Walk 1105 No Chip
Burkey Chris 5K Run 318 Chip
Byers Michelle 10K Run 319 Chip
Callan Cindi 5K Run 320 Chip
Cameron Jon 15K 321 Chip
Camp Kristen 5K Walk (entry only) 1106 No Chip
Camp Ryan 5K Walk (entry only) 1107 No Chip
Cartmel Tom 10K Run 322 Chip
Casper Josh 5K Run 323 Chip
Caudill Toby 5K Run 324 Chip
Chrobot Sara 15K 325 Chip
Chrobot Katie Kids Fun Run 1
Chrobot Kyle Kids Fun Run 1
Chupp Amy 5K Run 326 Chip
Chupp Jerry 10K Run 327 Chip
Cleveland Mike 15K 328 Chip
Colalillo Sam 15K 329 Chip
Cole Shelli 5K Walk 330 Chip
Cole Randy 5K Walk 1108 No Chip
Cors Jeffrey 15K 331 Chip
Cremeens Kari 5K Run 332 Chip
Cremeens Abraham 10K Run 333 Chip
Curtis Bill 15K 334 Chip
Davis Elise 15K 335 Chip
Davis Brian 10K Run 336 Chip
Deardorff Bret 10K Run 337 Chip
Deardorff Shari 15K 338 Chip
Deckert Steve 5K Run 339 Chip
Dervin Joe 15K 340 Chip
dipert kirby 5K 341 Chip
Doorn Scott 5K Walk 342 Chip
Doorn Angela 5K Walk 343 Chip
Dozier Lisa 5K Run 344 Chip
Drake Anne 15K 1109 No Chip
Dutton Michaele 5K Run 345 Chip
Ellis Becky 5K Walk 1110 No Chip
Engler Emily 15K 346 Chip
Evans Alechia 10K Run 347 Chip
Faltynski Shelby 15K 348 Chip
Faltynski Bruce 15K 349 Chip
Findley Abby 5K Run 350 Chip
Findley Andrew 10K Run 351 Chip
Fink Dellamarie 5K Run 352 Chip
Fitzpatrick Jena 5K Run 353 Chip
Fitzpatrick Brooke Kids Fun Run 1
Fitzpatrick Ellie Kids Fun Run 1
Fortson Connie 10K Run 354 Chip
Freeto Steve 15K 355 Chip
Garberick Rose 5K Walk 1111 No Chip
Gernand Chad 10K Run 356 Chip
Gernand Laura Kids Fun Run 1
Gernand Joel Kids Fun Run 1
Gordon Maribeth 15K 357 Chip
Gross Joe 10K Run 358 Chip
Gruet Jackie 10K Run 359 Chip
Hammond Don 10K Run 360 Chip
Harley Valerie 5K Run 361 Chip
Harley Jonathan 5K Run 362 Chip
Herrera Ric 5K Run 363 Chip
Hockenhull William 15K 364 Chip
Hoffer Robert 5K Run 365 Chip
Hoffer Dawnette 5K Run 366 Chip
Honn Hillary 5K Run 1112 No Chip
Hoover Tawnn 5K Run 367 Chip
Hostetler Greg 5K Run 368 Chip
Howe Arvil 5K Run 369 Chip
Hurtekant Justin 5K Run 370 Chip
Hurtekant Chantelle 5K Run 371 Chip
Ingle Mark 5K Run 372 Chip
Ingle Kimberly 15K 373 Chip
Inniger Brian 5K Run 374 Chip
Jasinski Cole Kids Fun Run 1
Jasinski Nicole 5K Walk 1113 No Chip
Jester Mary 5K Run 375 Chip
Johnson Kelly 5K Run 1114 No Chip
Josselyn Leah 5K Run 376 Chip
Josselyn Bre 5K Run 377 Chip
Karafa Frank 5K Run 378 Chip
Kelly Matthew 10K Run 379 Chip
Kelly Lauren 5K Run 1115 No Chip
Kelly Michael 5K Run 380 Chip
Kelly Timothy 5K Run 381 Chip
Kelly Kevin 5K Run 382 Chip
Kelly Steven 5K Walk 1116 No Chip
Kelly Elizabeth 5K Walk (entry only) 1117 No Chip
keranen renee 5K Walk (entry only) 1118 No Chip
Kissinger Samuel 5K Run 383 Chip
Knafel Chris 10K Run 384 Chip
KNIGHT EVAN 5K Run 385 Chip
Kolakovich Chris 15K 390 Chip
Komdeur Kim 5K Run 391 Chip
Kozonis Allison 5K Run 1119 No Chip
Krontz Ericka 15K 392 Chip
LaCava Tonnya 15K 393 Chip
Lambright Nanette 10K Run 394 Chip
Lane Elizabeth 5K Run 1120 No Chip
Lane Robert 5K Run 1121 No Chip
Lang Maria 10K Run 395 Chip
Lapierre Colleen 5K Run 396 Chip
LeCount Loretta 15K 397 Chip
Lee Tristen 5K Run 398 Chip
Leeper Adam 15K 399 Chip
Leeper Sarah 15K 1122 No Chip
Lemley Meredith 5K Run 400 Chip
Letourneau Josh 5K Walk 1123 No Chip
Long Tim 5K Run 401 Chip
Loucks Barbara 5K Run 402 Chip
Lung Kent 15K 403 Chip
Malone Rhiannon 5K Walk 1124 No Chip
McDowell Sharon 5K Walk 1125 No Chip
McFarren Ginna 5K Walk (entry only) 1126 No Chip
McFarren Morgan 5K Run 404 Chip
McKee Garrett 5K Run 405 Chip
McKee Leanne 10K Run 406 Chip
Mehl Andrew 10K Run 407 Chip
Mehl Kevin Kids Fun Run 1
Messick Emily 5K Run 408 Chip
Messick Randi 5K Walk (entry only) 1127 No Chip
Meyers Rebecca 5K Walk 1128 No Chip
Miller Danielle 5K Run 409 Chip
Miller Holly 10K Run 410 Chip
Miller Karen 5K Walk 411 Chip
Miller Deborah 15K 412 Chip
Miller Amber 5K Run 413 Chip
Miller Craig 5K Run 414 Chip
Munkel Laura 10K Run 1129 No Chip
Neely Christie 15K 415 Chip
Newman Randy 10K Run 416 Chip
Nichols Mindy 10K Run 417 Chip
Osterday Kristi 15K 418 Chip
Pich Emily 5K Walk 1130 No Chip
Polando Graham 15K 419 Chip
pontius janet 5K Run 1131 No Chip
Potter Ryan 5K Run 420 Chip
Poulson Brian 10K Run 421 Chip
Prusakiewicz Lisa 15K 422 Chip
Ransom Erin 10K Run 423 Chip
Rhoads Michelle 5K Walk 1132 No Chip
Rich Sonyia 5K Walk 1133 No Chip
Richardson Missy 10K Run 424 Chip
Rizos Stephanos 5K Run 425 Chip
Robertson Tina 15K 1134 No Chip
Robinson Molly 5K Run 426 Chip
Robinson Starr 5K Walk 1135 No Chip
Robinson Scott 5K Run 427 Chip
Robinson Greg 5K Run 1136 No Chip
Robinson Andrew 5K Run 428 Chip
Roelandts Chris 5K Run 429 Chip
ROLL NATE 15K 1137 No Chip
Roll Pat 5K Walk 1138 No Chip
Rudd Samantha 5K Run 430 Chip
Saksena Monica 10K Run 1139 No Chip
Saksena P. N. 10K Run 1140 No Chip
Sample Bob 15K 431 Chip
Sample Jackie 10K Run 432 Chip
Sanders Annette 10K Run 433 Chip
Saunders Nancy 10K Run 434 Chip
Schmucker Marv 5K Run 435 Chip
Schmucker Rich 5K Run 436 Chip
Schmucker Mel 5K Run 437 Chip
Schmucker Max 5K Run 438 Chip
Schmucker Conor 5K Run 439 Chip
Schmucker Shawna 5K Walk 1141 No Chip
Scholl Lawrence 15K 440 Chip
Schreiber Allyson 10K Run 441 Chip
Scrogham Barbie 15K 442 Chip
Sellers Dawn 5K Run 443 Chip
Sellers Justin 5K Run 444 Chip
Sellers Mytchell 5K Run 445 Chip
Shenk Bekah 5K Run 446 Chip
Sherwood Sid 5K Run 447 Chip
Shumaker Claudia 15K 448 Chip
Sinon Linda 5K Walk 1142 No Chip
Snyder Christy 10K Run 449 Chip
Snyder Mar 5K Run 450 Chip
Stacy Jaime 10K Run 451 Chip
Stacy Connor Kids Fun Run 1
Stacy Kara Kids Fun Run 1
Stanfill Jordan 10K Run
steury shelly 10K Run 452 Chip
Stewart Janelle 15K 453 Chip
Stewart Neil 5K Run 454 Chip
Stewart Miranda 5K Run 455 Chip
Stipp Thomas 5K Run 456 Chip
Stoltzfus Jacob 5K Run 457 Chip
Stone Julia 5K Walk 1143 No Chip
Stone Doug 5K Walk 1144 No Chip
Storer Cara 15K 1145 No Chip
Stratton Diane 5K Walk (entry only) 1146 No Chip
Stratton Bob 5K Walk (entry only) 1147 No Chip
sturma amy 5K Walk (entry only) 1148 No Chip
Sukow Amy 5K Run 1149 No Chip
Tagliaferri Karen 5K Run 458 Chip
Tarver Meghan 15K 459 Chip
Thomas Nancy 15K 460 Chip
Thompson Cynthia 5K Run 1160 No Chip
Tirado Roberto 15K 461 Chip
Tomkiewicz Lindsay 5K Run 462 Chip
Tomko Mike 5K Run 463 Chip
tompkins terry 5K Walk 1161 No Chip
Tompkins Kay 5K Walk 1162 No Chip
Turner Greg 5K Run 464 Chip
Utroske Adam 15K 465 Chip
Valencourt Abbie 10K Run 466 Chip
varga sheila 10K Run 467 Chip
Walter Douglas 15K 468 Chip
Warp Chris 15K 469 Chip
Warstler Dean 15K 1163 No Chip
weaver scott 5K Run 470 Chip
weaver melissa 15K 471 Chip
Wiley Terry 5K Walk 1164 No Chip
Willard Jerry 15K 472 Chip
Willis Matt 10K Run 473 Chip
Wilson Kelly 10K Run 474 Chip
Wilson Maggie 5K Walk 1165 No Chip
Wilson Peggy 5K Walk 1166 No Chip
Wilson Katie 5K Walk 1167 No Chip
Wilson Chris 5K Run 475 Chip
Wilson Dan 5K Walk 1168 No Chip
Wisler Randy 5K Run 476 Chip
Wisler Claire Kids Fun Run 1
Wisler Austin Kids Fun Run 1
Witt Tina 10K Run 477 Chip
Woodiwiss Allen 5K Run 478 Chip
Woodiwiss Allen 5K 479 Chip
Woodworth Jack 5K Walk 1169 No Chip
Wylde Cinna 5K Run 480 Chip
Wyner Matt 15K 481 Chip
Yeager Lisa 5K Walk 1170 No Chip
Yoder Ami 10K Run 1171 No Chip
Yoder John 5K Run 1172 No Chip
Yoder Kent 5K Walk 1173 No Chip
Yoder Mary Ellyn 5K Walk 1174 No Chip
Yoder Linda 5K Walk 1175 No Chip
Yoder Emma 5K Walk 1176 No Chip
Yoder Abby 5K Walk 1177 No Chip
Yoder Josh 5K Walk 1178 No Chip
Yoder Lily 5K Walk 1179 No Chip
Yoder Brett 5K Walk 1180 No Chip
Zavor Michael 5K Run 482 Chip

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