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Turkey Stampede 10K, 5K Run or walk and 1 mile walk

  • Nov
  • 27
Turkey Stampede 10K, 5K Run or walk and 1 mile walk
  • 8:30am EST - 10:30am EST, November 27th, 2014 Ical_event_icon
  • Join us for a fun Thanksgiving tradition!  Get some fresh air before the big meal and do something good for the community at the same time.

    What a perfect fit for Thanksgiving!  It's all for the Faith Mission Shelter, which houses men, women and children who are in transition.

    The Faith Mission also serves free meals for lunch and dinner 365 days a year to those who need to stretch their budget. Their doors are open 24/7!

    NOTE: New starting location for the event this year. Yes, we are moving again to be able to provide more parking so that people can come and leave quickly!  We know you have things to do on the Big Day, but want you to be part of this event!

     We will be starting and finishing at the Elkhart Youth and Community Center, (formerly the YMCA), at 200 East Jackson!   For your convenience, you can check in on Wednesday, November 26 from 2:00 (not a typo) to 7pm (which we strongly encourage) or on Thanksgiving morning from 6:00 am - 8:00 am.  

    10K starts at 8:30 am sharp!  5K will head out at 8:35 am and Milers will begin at 8:40 am.

    We know you want to get back home to your day off, so while this is low key event, we are keeping a schedule!  Everyone will get a finisher ribbon at the finisher line along with refreshments but there is no official awards ceremony.  We do have gravy boats for the top MF finishers in the 5K and 10K, so come back for those.

    With this set up, there will be ample parking for easy getaway back to your home!

    Again, the idea is come out- get some fresh air and head home. Not an all morning event! Got a house full of company?  Load up the car and bring them along!  The food will taste better, you will definitely FEEL better after you move a bit!  

    AND this is all for the homeless shelter, so what could be a more appropriate way of  spending an hour or so on Thanksgiving morning!  Most of us have so much to be thankful for, and it's good to keep remembering that!

    This is also a great way to set a good example for your kids and start that conversation!



  • Location: Elkhart

Online Registration is now CLOSED but you can still register!!!!!

You can STILL register for the Stampede!

Wednesday, November 26 from 2:00 -7:00 pm at the Elkhart Youth and Community Center  gym during packet pick-up OR

Thursday, November 27 from 6:00 am - 8:00 am at the same place. We will be in the GYM which will be accessible from the side of the building!  The EYCC is closed but the gym is open for us. So you can't go there to work out- instead run or walk with us!!!!!!!!

What's New This Year?

* New location for 2014- Elkhart Youth and Community Center (formerly YMCA) at 200 East Jackson in Elkhart! 

* Registration/packet pick up in EYCC gym on Wednesday afternoon/evening  and Thursday morning.

* We are closing streets on at the start and finish of the course

* Different colored route signs: Yellow for 10K, Green for 5K and pink for Mile walk

* Revised route to avoid sharp turnaround on 5K

* Keeping much of 10K route and historic, charming Strong Avenue neighborhood and McNaughton Park section

* Loads of parking with easy in/out so can run and then get back home quickly!      Best parking situation EVER!!!  Park in the "Hacienda Lot" or neighboring businesses.

The start of the 2013 Stampede..we had SNOW. It was so cold, but we still had a record crowd for a super fun event! And of course, some people wear shorts no matter what!!!

New location for 2014! (Formerly YMCA)

The coveted gravy boats for the top 3 MF in both the 10K and 5K!

2014 Stampede Shirts- blue performance shirts with colored logo. As of 11-20, we are out of large, XL 2XL and 3XL shirts in this color.

Thank you Topping Dental, for being the title sponsor! With the support of our sponsors, we cover the fixed costs of the race like permits, marketing, signs, banners, etc so that EVERY PENNY of your entry fee goes to the Mission.

Every dime goes to help the Mission house & feed people 365 days a year! Learn more about what is going on at the Faith Mission!

Catch the Turkey and win $25!!

Just to keep things interesting on the 5K, the first male and female to catch the turkey, aka Brian Barnard, will win $25.

He IS in his 40s AND he has the wear the EXTREMELY cumbersome outfit...

If you do catch him, no touching. You just have to be the first to cross the finish line [ahead of him.]

2014 Registration Fees (same pricing since 2009)

We want to keep this affordable and low key. Keep the small town, fun, community vibe. So we haven't raised our rates since we started in 2009.

Mike Perez, Development Manager at Faith Mission, had the vision for this race several years back.  It's a great way to help the Mission and have a great event to bring people together.

We also pioneered menu pricing a) to keep it super affordable and b) you only pay for what you want.  Too many shirts? Fine- you don't have to get one...although they are pretty cute this year. See below!

Entry fees, chip timing and shirts are priced separately.

Sign up today!

Age 0-3 FREE

Age 4-12  $7

Age 13-100 $15

TIming chips $4 [optional- but you do run faster, ask anyone ]

Shirts $15 [As of 11-20 we are out of Large, XLarge, 2XL and 3XL,but they are running large so people might be exchanging sizes onsite.]

Learn more about The Faith Mission

The Faith Mission is not a church. The Faith Mission is a faith-based homeless shelter that serves 2 meals a day to anyone and houses over 150 men, women and children who have nowhere else to go. If you have lived in this area long enough, sooner or later, you will know someone who has stayed at the Mission.

What's the Story on Dogs?

We know dogs are family, too. So we'd love to have your well-socialized, calm, healthy, non-biting or barking pets that would also enjoy this event. We feel that they add a lot. 

However, this is not a  good puppy training opportunity to "see how they will do in crowds". 

Also, if you are running with your dog, you should start at the back and be mindful of other runners so they don't trip or get caught in the leash.



Course Markings

The 10K course is marked with YELLOW Signs.

The 5K course is marked with GREEN signs

The Mile course is marked with PINK signs.

The cool thing about this race is we have people of ALL levels participating. Truly- world-class athletes and people coming out for their first walk. How does this work? Let the racers run hard. When you line up, line up according to your pace group and do not get in the way of the fast runners. They train to cut seconds off their time.  So let them go and stay out of their way. That's it.  The secret to happiness at the Stampede!

2014 Stampede Routes- Start and Finish at EYCC, 200 East Jackson, Elkhart. More parking for a fast getaway!

Gobbles the Turkey poses with one of the fastest girls in town!

Gobbles can't wait to lead the One Mile Walk!

Work day at the Mission getting all the bibs labeled and organized!

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