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Frightening 5K and Haunted Hilly Half Marathon

  • Oct
  • 26
Frightening 5K and Haunted Hilly Half Marathon
  • 8:45am EDT - 11:00am EDT, October 26th, 2013
  • Boo Ha Ha!  Sign up if you dare for this frightening and haunted event!  Courses begin and end in Bonneyville Mill County Park and feature some beautiful rollling county roads.  You need to train for this one to make sure you stay ahead of the goblins. We also need to tell you that the Headless Horseman has been known to show up as well!  Many runners dress in costume so they can blend in. 

    The Monster Mile is a non-timed trail walk that meanders through the lovely park by the Mill.  Milers also have the option of running on the road with the 5K to the edge of the park and back.

    The 5K is an out and back course that goes up past LoveWay Therapeutic Riding stable and back into the park with a fast downhill finish.

    The half marathon course is a challenging loop run in the country from Bristol over to Middlebury and back on paved roads, surrounded by old growth trees on much of the run. This is the perfect tune up for Tecumseh and or the Huff 50K. Keep that Chicago marathon buzz going with this half! 

    Registration is $10  for the Monster Mile (shirts additional $15), $40 for the 5K and $55 for the Half Marathon . Fees include, Post race soup, cocoa , cookies and fruit, long sleeve technical shirts with the vampire logo, chip timing by THTiming, finisher awards, AG trophies and protection from the headless horseman.

    Costumes encouraged! In fact, prizes for best male and female costumes. 


    Where is Bonneyville Mill?

  • Location: Bonneyville Mill County Park, Bristol. IN

Can we talk about Swag City?

Jack and Julie rounded up so many prizes, we don't have time to do a traditional raffle pull. Every runner and volunteer will get one ticket and you can buy more (you will want to) There will be 3 buckets:

Grand Prize

Random prizes for dinners, detailing, glassware, camp chairs, etc etc

50-50 cash prize

Pack that extra $20 in your pocket-  we have so many prizes! Every DIME goes to the Down Syndrome Group so, you can't go wrong!

5K course, out and back from Bonneyville to LoveWay and return!

Event Details

Thursday, October 24 from 5-7pm

Volunteer Check in at the Goshen Hacienda (Hacienda Gives back day/night! Everyone is invited to eat there and maybe run into some of the runners!

Download the coupon on this webpage!

Friday, October 26 5-7pm 

Packet pick up at the One Room School, Bonneyville Mill County Park. If you haven't been to the park, it would be great if you could come out for this to get the lay of the land.  Since the main road of the park is actually part of the course, we have you parking on the exterior- about 450 yards from the starting line.  

Saturday, October 26 6:30 am Registration Opens

Bring a flashlight or headlamp so that you can see up to the Registration area at the One Room School. Sunrise is at 8:07am in the morning.

Starting around 8:15 am, we will gather for the costume parade, a special cheer from the Cheer Team, Race announcements and instructions.

8:45 am 1/2 marathon starts

8:50 am 5K / 1 mile run starts

8:55 am 1 mile walk starts

Awards will happen as soon as we get enough runners back. Cool trophies 3 deep in both races.  

There are heated indoor restrooms, very close to the start!  Last year, it was pretty crisp in the morning, as it has been, but it warmed up by the end.

The area is absolutely beautiful and the leaves are just turning wonderful colors. The  Bristol Fruithills - complete with rolling hills and open acres for horses! Wonderful! 

Half Marathon Map.

Boo Ha ha! Sign up if you dare!

Days before the Headless Horseman Appears!


How to Get To Bonneyville Mill County Park

Googlemap Directions on how to get there. Exit 101 off tollroad.... 138 miles from Chicago, 164 from Indy, Ft Wayne 75 miles, Dowagiac 40 miles, Niles 34 miles, Elkhart 12 miles, Kalamazoo 47 miles, South Bend 33 miles, Goshen 12 miles.. Come join us for some FUN!!!

Bonneyville Mill County Park is a lovely setting, oft the desired backdrop for wedding and family portraits.

See you at Hacienda in Goshen on Thurs, Oct 24

Here is a map to Hacienda in Goshen! They are doing a Hacienda Gives Back night for the Elkhart Down Syndrome Support Group. Everyonhe can have dinner with their families and TWENTY percent of the tab goes back into the kitty for our group! Talk about WIN-WIN-WIN!

Print out or download to your phone and use as coupon!

Thank You to our 2013 Sponsors! It warms our hearts to see the outpouring of support! Thank you!

Assurance Property Management- Platinum

Elkhart Truth Gold Plus

Stutsman Dentistry - Gold

DQ Grill & Chill 822 LWE- Gold

Krabill Family Medicine- Gold

Martin's Supermarkets - Gold

UPS- Gold

Alpha Systems- Silver

L. Jay Miller- Silver

First State Bank - Silver

Dr Yatin Patel- Silver

Family Hearing Center- Silver

Goshen Foot & Ankle- Silver

Stumpy's Old Time Pizza Parlor- Silver

Marked Men for Christ- Silver

Middlebury Electric- Silver

Eagle Ready Mix- Silver

Michael Beachy, D.D.S. - Silver

Legacy Heating- Silver

R.C. Tronics - Silver

Gustafson Lighting- Silver

OSMC- Silver

Kuhn Medical Clinic, Andrew Kuhn, M.D.

Wellington & Weddell Eye Care -Silver

Jane & Steve Manley- Silver

Kyhn Medical Clinic- Silver

Monteith Tire- Bronze

CVS- Bronze

Robert Barker, DDS Bronze

Commodore Homes- Bronze

Expressions of Millersburg- Bronze

Bob's Collision- Bronze

AJ Lane- Bronze

Millersburg Lumber - Bronze

Gleason Industrial Products- Bronze

Pizza Depot- Bronze

Complete Family Dentisty- Bronze

Mr Appliance of Elkhart County- Bronze

Bontrager Pools- Bronze

Campbell & Fetter Bank- Bronze

Lincolnway Mart BP- Bronze

Fat Louies in Millersburg

Rocket Guns, LLC

Goshen Floral

Simar's Convenience

Chupp Auctions & Real Estate

Goshen Stamping

General Craft 

PEP Auto

2012 5K Race Records Top 3 Men & Women

These are the ones to beat! Hills Schmills (apparently) !!!

Katharine Collins 21:03

Wendy Bennett 22:30

Heather Schuh 23:09


Colton Shail 18:40

Bryce Stipp 18:42

Adrian Torres 18:54


Colleen Dabler maintains a 7:09 pace for an impressive 1:33:44 Half!!!

Race Benefits ECDSSG

What color are the shirts? What about the raffle?

Well, we actually have THREE colors that you can choose from;

Purple (long) , Safety green (long) and pumpkin/austin orange (short sleeve)

First come, first serve on the color choices.  Womens cut is available.

You might even want to purchase an extra one!

Speaking of $, we are having a great raffle. Every runner gets one ticket and addtional tickets are 6 for $5. Prizes will be drawn while you are out running!

AND the kids did art projects, which will be sold by donation!  Every dime to ECDSSG! 

No shortage of smiles!

2012 Half Marathon Leader Board

Coach Rustin Nyce takes all at a pace of KILLED-IT-NO PROBLEM  6:12 mile !!!  1:21: 12

Colleen Dabler  represented the FAST WOMEN OF AMERICA at a pace of 7:09/m with a finish of 1:33:44!



Andrea Peterson WHOOSHING BY averaging 7:39 minute miles

Susanna Maines SCREAMING IN at 7:46 pace

======and the other super fast dudes =======

Andy Mehl CRUISING the hills at a cool 6:53 pace

Richard Johnson had Andy in his sites - 7:02

Jerald Schrock didn't even break a sweat at 7:12 pace

Nick - all the way from Chicago- Larsen (thanks for coming out) 7:14 pace

Cole Shearer - WOOOSHING in at 7:24

Adam  Schlemmer at 7:29 pace 

Gene Crusie -WORKING HIS WAY UP TO THE TOP with a sweeeeet time of 1:38:15

Congratulations to all of you!!!  Thanks for choosing this race!

Who has signed up so far?? We need more runners to be safe! Grab a friend, let's go!!!

Walking-1 Mile Adam, Chris
Walking-1 Mile Adam, Terry
Running-5K Allen, Aubrey
Running-5K Alvarez, Jessica
Running-5K Anderson, Michael
Running-5K Anglemyer, Jordan
Running-5K Arroyo, Cael
Walking-1 Mile Arroyo, Gabe
Running-5K Arroyo, Hilary
Running-Half marathon Baer, David
Running-5K Bailey, Rhonda
Running-5K Barry, Quincy
Running-5K Berden, Brandi
Running-5K Bertke, Michelle
Running-5K Betz, Becky
Running-5K Betz, Jim
Running-5K Bogard, Kelsey
Running-5K Brabham, Mckenna
Running-5K Bradford, Kristen
Running-5K Bradford, Liam
Running-5K Bradford, Sydney
Running-Half marathon Bradley, Angelene
Running-5K Bradley, Jeanmarie
Running-Half marathon Brock, Andy
Running-5K Brumitt, Jade
Running-5K Burger , Stephanie
Running-5K Burleson, Ann
Running-5K Butterfield, Jay
Running-5K Calvo, Fabiola
Running-5K Canady, Renee
Running-5K Caudill, Toby
Running-5K Chaney, Logan
Running-5K Chavarria, Amie
Running-5K Chupp, Amy
Running-5K Chupp, Jerry
Walking-1 Mile Clark, Kathleen
Running-5K Clay, Jennifer
Running-Half marathon Clay, John
Running-5K Clay, Steve
Walking-1 Mile Cloud Crusie, Michelle
Running-5K Collins, Angela
Running-5K cook, carl
Running-5K COOK, TERI
Running-5K Corbin, Anastasia
Walking-1 Mile Couch, Jeff
Walking-1 Mile Couch, Lisa
Running-Half marathon Crawford, Lori
Running-5K Crespo, Valerie
Running-5K Cripe, Kerry
Running-5K Davidson, Danielle
Running-5K Davis, Cory
Running-5K Deckert, Steve
Running-5K DeCook, Kim
Running-5K DeHaven, Dan
Walking-1 Mile DeMauro, Stacy
Running-5K DeMont, Brandi
Running-5K Dentino, Jennifer
Running-5K Dial, Curtis
Running-5K Dimmock, Darlean
Running-Half marathon Dipert, Kirby
Running-5K Doan, Jacklyn
Running-5K Dull, Kendra
Running-5K Eaglesfield, Kristen
Running-Half marathon Eash, Derick
Walking-1 Mile Edmisten, Michael
Walking-1 Mile Edmisten, Natalie
Running-5K Emmons, Deanna
Running-5K Fink, Dellamarie
Walking-1 Mile Fisher, Dawn
Walking-1 Mile Fisher, Susan
Running-5K Flagg, Alexandra
Running-5K Flagg, Ann
Running-Half marathon Flatt, Dawn
Running-Half marathon Frankenberger, Amy
Running-Half marathon Freeto, Steve
Running-5K Frick, Lisa
Running-Half marathon Gangloff, Brandi
Running-5K Garrett, Kayla
Running-Half marathon Gaylor, Ally
Running-5K Gingerich, David
Running-5K Ginter, Suzanne
Running-Half marathon Glick, Bob
Running-Half marathon Goffeney, Andy
Running-5K Gordon, Maribeth
Running-5K Grahl, Patty
Running-5K Griggs, Beth
Running-5K Griggs, Mart
Running-5K Grover, Wendy
Running-5K Hackman, Whitney
Running-5K Hadley, Lavin
Running-5K Hall, Shelly
Running-5K Hamilton, Erin
Running-5K Handyside, Lucas
Running-5K Harley, Jonathan
Running-Half marathon Hartman, Brad
Running-5K Hartman, Brook
Running-5K Hartman, Cheryl
Running-5K Heckaman, Micki
Running-5K Hemenway, Marcie
Running-5K Herrera, Ric
Running-Half marathon Hockenhull, William
Running-Half marathon Hornyak, William
Running-5K Hunter, Sarah
Running-Half marathon James, Jesse
Running-Half marathon Kauffman, Lindsay
Running-5K Kauffman, Rachel
Running-Half marathon Kauffman, Stan
Running-Half marathon Kauffmann, Glen
Running-Half marathon Keranen, Jim
Running-5K Kiefer, Susie
Walking-1 Mile Kline, Stephanie
Running-Half marathon Klinger, Jeff
Running-Half marathon Klingler, Anthony
Running-5K Kochersperger, Debbie
Running-Half marathon Krantz, Erik
Running-Half marathon Krantz, Lana
Running-5K krontz, ericka
Running-5K Kruger, Nick
Running-5K LaFollette, Patricia
Running-Half marathon Lake, Eli
Running-5K Lambright, Jason
Walking-1 Mile Ledden-Edmisten, Cori
Running-Half marathon Lentz, Troy
Running-5K Lies, Becky
Running-5K Lies, Jr., Timothy J.
Running-5K Lintz, Kim
Running-5K Little, Kim
Running-5K Lorenc, Brian
Running-5K Loucks, Barbara
Running-5K Malloy, Beth
Walking-1 Mile Malloy, Ellie
Walking-1 Mile Malloy, Max
Running-5K Malloy, Mike
Running-5K Manly, Elizabeth
Running-5K Maran, Tosha
Running-Half marathon Martin, Randall
Running-Half marathon Martin, Scott
Running-Half marathon McCauley, Pat
Running-5K McHolland, Michelle
Running-Half marathon Mcnagny, Marcia
Running-Half marathon Mehl, Andy
Running-5K Meyer, Kay
Walking-1 Mile Miller, Carley
Running-Half marathon Miller, Deborah
Walking-1 Mile Miller, Jay
Running-5K Miller, Karen
Walking-1 Mile Miller, Madalynne
Running-5K Miller, Morgan
Walking-1 Mile MILLER, TERRA
Running-5K Mishler, Kim
Running-5K Moll, Eric
Running-5K Morgan, Felicia
Running-5K Morgan, Luke
Running-5K Murdock, Terry
Running-Half marathon Myers, Dakota
Running-5K Myers, Mary Ann
Running-5K Myers, Vicki
Running-5K Napierala, Kristi
Running-5K Neumann, Douglas
Walking-1 Mile Neumann, Susan
Running-5K Newcomer, Missy
Running-5K Newcomer, Wyatt
Running-Half marathon nisley, Kenneth
Running-5K Ogle, Linda
Running-Half marathon Otto, Alex
Running-5K Paris, Angela
Registration category Participant name
Running-5K Pauls, Jennifer
Running-5K Perkins, Kelsey
Running-5K Polsean, Beth
Running-5K Porter, Dave
Running-5K Radelich, Alta
Walking-1 Mile Reagan, Clay
Walking-1 Mile Reagan, Emmalynn
Running-5K Reagan, Megan
Running-Half marathon RHOADE, JEFF
Running-Half marathon Rhoade, Randal
Running-5K Rhodes, Sara
Running-5K Rice, Anne
Running-5K Rice, Joseph
Running-5K Rice, Katherine
Running-5K Rice, Katherine
Running-5K Rice, Mary
Running-5K Richard, Stella
Running-5K Riggs, Gary
Running-Half marathon Roberts, Mandy
Running-Half marathon Robinson, Allen
Running-Half marathon Robles, Autumn
Running-5K Royer, Bente
Running-5K Rutkowski, Andrea
Running-5K Rutkowski, Aric
Running-5K Rutkowski, Peter
Running-5K Sailor, Ami
Running-5K sample, jayme
Running-5K Sandoval, Laura
Walking-1 Mile Santiago, Elli
Walking-1 Mile Santiago, Michele
Running-5K Schimmel, Earl
Walking-1 Mile Schimmel, Molly
Running-Half marathon Schlemmer, Adam
Running-5K Schmucker, Angelina
Running-5K Schmucker, Derick
Running-Half marathon Schowe, Diana
Running-Half marathon Schultz, Shelly
Running-5K Shail, Colton
Running-Half marathon Shaw, Meg
Running-Half marathon Shearer, Bethany
Running-Half marathon Shearer, Cole
Running-5K Sherck, Heather
Running-5K Shipley, Kacy
Running-Half marathon Shoup, Julie
Running-Half marathon Sinnott (Williams), Sherrie
Running-5K Sleeseman II, Philip
Running-5K Smith, Jalyn
Running-5K Smith, Mary
Running-5K Smith, Vincent
Running-5K Snyder, Julie
Running-5K Sobieck, Dennis
Running-Half marathon Spillane, Kathleen
Running-Half marathon Stampfler, Christy
Running-5K Stanage, Danielle
Running-5K Stanage, Lori
Running-5K Stansbury, Christy
Running-Half marathon Stanton, Melissa
Running-Half marathon Stoll, Kelsey
Running-Half marathon Stone, Jen
Running-5K Stratford, Jessica
Running-Half marathon Stromswold, Amy
Running-Half marathon Stromswold, Jeff
Running-5K Stutsman, Chad
Running-5K Stutsman, Danielle
Running-5K Stutsman, Mackayla
Running-5K Stutsman, Sydney
Walking-1 Mile Stutzman, Kendyll
Running-Half marathon Swartz, Karen
Running-Half marathon Swartz, Sam
Walking-1 Mile Swinehart, Kelly
Walking-1 Mile Swinehart, Samantha
Running-5K Taylor, Tamra K
Running-5K Tibbs, Erin
Running-5K Tomko, Mike
Running-Half marathon trotter, garrick
Running-5K Truex, Aubrey
Running-Half marathon Tuttle, Katie
Running-5K Vallance, Jessica
Running-5K Vallance, Stephanie
Running-5K Vander Molen, Jessica
Running-5K VanderMaas, Judy
Running-Half marathon Wagner, Rhonda
Running-Half marathon Wall, Bessie
Running-Half marathon Wall, Zebulon
Running-5K Weaver, Amber
Running-Half marathon Weiss, Amanda
Running-Half marathon Weiss, Robert
Running-Half marathon Welch, Dennie
Running-5K Welty, Arlen
Running-Half marathon Welty, Barb
Running-5K Whitlock, Matthew
Running-5K Whitlock, Theresa
Running-5K Wilcher, Samuel
Running-Half marathon Wilcockson, Lisa
Running-5K Wiley, Terry Diane
Running-Half marathon Williams, Jason
Running-Half marathon Wood, Crystal
Running-5K Wyant, Damaris
Running-5K Yoder, Ami
Running-5K Yoder, Amos
Running-5K Yoder, Brooke
Running-5K Yoder, David
Running-5K Yoder, John
Running-5K Yoder, Kevin
Running-5K Young, Julianna
Running-Half marathon Zimpelman, Rory
Running-5K Zinich, Angela

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